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Church online - church broadcasting channels

Church online - church broadcasting channels

Online ministries of churches.

Links where you can watch and listen to sermons, singing, and worship services at churches.

Media ministry in the church

The realities of today, unfortunately, dictate their own rules.
And due to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, churches are looking for new opportunities and resources to conduct Sunday services online for local and far-flung people, video format services for public access and viewing at any convenient time.

Thanks to modern technology, anyone can "visit" their local church and be encouraged through singing and preaching the word of God, through teaching the word of God, and through chatting. The new circumstances and conditions, which are still unknown to us, are a kind of challenge for the churches and a motivation to find new forms and formats not only for online worship, but also for interpersonal communication.

Currently, each church is developing its own methods and ways of broadcasting services and encouragement to make them as convenient and accessible as possible for everyone: sermons and services recorded on YouTube, real-time services - online broadcasts and communication channels in Viber and Telegram.
You can find more information on the website or contact the ministers for more information.


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